Optibeam stands for optimal performance, reliability and quality. Optibeam lights are tested in the harsh winter conditions of Nordic Scandinavia & Finland, and due to their quality the lights have extended warranties of up to three years.

Optibeam high-quality auxiliary and work lights are perfect for even the most demanding of users. Thanks to their excellent price-to-performance ratio, Optibeam LED lights have garnered great popularity among enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Optibeam products are designed to meet the demanding needs of professionals and enthusiasts, to increase the safety of transportation and working in the dark.

Part of this design process is testing the products in the harsh conditions of Nordic Scandinavia & Finland, with temperatures dropping down well below -30°c during the winter.

Optibeam auxiliary lights are also developed with multiple installation options in mind, ranging from classic licence plate bracket all the way to stealthy model specific mounting.

Optibeam has always been a pioneer in high-performance lighting, with Optibeam Commander being one of the most popular LED lightbars on the market to date.

Not only has Optibeam had an history of high-performance products, continous updates from classic series suchs as the Captain now have even more powerfull succesors like the Super Captain DUAL, one of the most powerfull road-legal LED lightbars on the market.

Newest additions to the Optibeam family of products are the all new NIN9 and SE7EN auxiliary lights. Optibeam NIN9 is the most powerfull auxilliary light in its class, with looks to match.


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