NIN9 is the most powerfull Optibeam auxiliary light in its class, sharing its excellent light pattern with the smaller SE7EN.

Technical Luminous Flux

14 000 & 10 400 LM

Measured lumens at 11 400 and 9 159.

NIN9 Range in Lux / Meters

1 LUX / 580 M

R112: 1 lux @ 245 m



Dual colour position light



Full power mode available for serious offroad use.


In short, the Optibeam NIN9 is Optibeam’s most powerful round auxiliary light ever, with every last detail taken into account. In the design of both the NIN9 and SE7EN  the requirements of both everyday and professional drivers have been listened. The end results are incredibly stylish auxiliary lights not lacking in details and features.

The incredible 11,400 measured lumens of the NIN9 and 9,159 of the SE7EN in Double up -mode make sure that you journey safely.

Both the NIN9 and SE7EN optics have been refined to produce an unprecedentedly wide light pattern that illuminates the sides of the road as well as far away. Optibeam has also managed to keep the reference number of both lights to a moderate 30.

The color temperature of both of the lights is a pleasant 5500 kelvin which corresponds to the color of pure white.

The Double Up feature increases the power above approved for road traffic. Double Up light output is used when the brown limiting wire is left unconnected.


  • NIN9

    • Measurements: Ø 220 x 83 mm
    • Voltage: 9-36V
    • Lumens (theoretical): 14 000 lm
    • Lumens (measured): 11 400 lm
    • Power Consumption (measured): 11.16 A @ 13,7 V
    • Reference: 30
    • Color temperature: 5500K
    • Connector: DT-4
    • Approvals: R148/149, R10
    • Range:1 lux @ 580 m, R112: 1 lux @ 245 m
  • SE7EN

    • Measurements: Ø 178 x 83 mm
    • Voltage: 9-36V
    • Lumens (theoretical): 10 400 lm
    • Lumens (measured): 9159 lm
    • Power Consumption (measured): 11.16A@13,7V
    • Reference: 30
    • Color temperature: 5500K
    • Connector: DT-4
    • Approvals: R148/149, R10
    • Range: 1 lux @ 500 m